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About Us


Bent Rim Cleveland was started after I bent 2 aluminum alloy rims driving on the roads of Northeast Ohio. While figuring that my rims would need very costly replacements from a dealership, I decided to research rim repair and wheel straightening options. I found that there was a lack of rim repair knowledge from auto repair facilities and internet sources when I contacted them. It was hard getting a straight answer if the rims could be repaired- the easy and most expensive answer I heard was to always buy a new rim.

Eventually, I found a firm out of state that was knowledgeable in repairing damaged aluminum alloy rims. I learned that most aluminum rims can be repaired, but it takes specialized, expensive equipment along with proper professional training to return a bent rim into service.  I also learned that rim straightening is absolutely not a D.I.Y repair and should only be done by repair facilities that specialize in this type of work. 

"We are committed to providing accurate, reliable and affordable wheel repair services for our customers, in fact, every rim is double checked before it leaves our shop!"

I knew that many of my friends and relatives had experienced similar confusion about what to do after bending a rim and decided to open a shop that specializes in repairing bent rims to aid other drivers.


Bent Rim Cleveland can evaluate your rim and give you honest, knowledgeable advice to let you know if it can be successfully fixed, along with the repair estimate and turnaround time. We use the finest wheel straightening equipment that money can buy (and the only machine like it in Northern Ohio) that provides accurate, precise repairs to bent rims. We can also TIG weld cracked rims and wheel lathe bead seat corrosion that causes annoying air leaks.  Our focus is to repair the damaged rim to provide safe usable service while saving our customers the considerable expense of buying a new rim. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

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