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Commercial Use


Our specialized service can repair most damaged automotive rims, in a timely and cost effective manner instead of suggesting that your customer purchase a new, expensive replacement rim. You are welcome to contact us for a no- charge consultation where we will inspect the damage and determine if the rim is repairable or requires disposal. If repairable, our repair prices are typically less than 50% of rim replacement cost and turnaround time is typically the next business day.

tire repair equipment

New Tire Dealers / Wholesale Clubs 


Have you experienced a wheel/ tire combo that simply won’t balance out? Do you have a tire that goes flat even though there is no apparent damage to the tire or valve stem? The problem could be a bent rim. 

General Auto Repair Facilities 

Do your customers complain about wheel vibration, tire air leaks or unexpected steering/ suspension parts replacement?  Have you experienced a wheel/ tire combo that simply won’t balance out, no matter how much weight is added? The problem could be a bent rim.



Used Car Dealers 

Does your inventory include late model used cars that have bent rims that are too expensive to replace economically?  Would a spend reduction of approx. 50% of the replacement cost of a new rim allow your car sales to be more profitable? 

Car Dismantler  

Does your inventory include sets of rims, where three of the wheels are saleable, but the 4th rim is bent, making selling a full set of matching rims impossible?  Would you prefer to sell a full set of rims (and at a higher price point) than individual wheel sales?  Would you like to turn your current assets into cash and have quicker inventory turns? 

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