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Our service can repair most damaged automotive rims, in a timely and cost effective manner instead of purchasing a new replacement rim at a high cost to you. You are welcome to contact us for a no- charge consultation where we will inspect the damage and determine if the rim is repairable or requires disposal. If repairable, our repair prices start at $135 and turnaround time is typically the next business day.


Daily Drivers 


Does your car do the following: vibrate, shake, pull to one side or have a slow tire air leak? 

Have you recently hit a pothole, curb, speed bump or road debris while driving your vehicle?

Car Enthusiast 

Has your tire recently hit a rock while off-roading in your 4X4? Did you go off- course while testing at the local track? Did you hit potholes or speed bumps during your last cruise-in?

Municipality / Fleet Markets 


Are you in charge of spend reduction for your service department?

Would eliminating the high replacement costs of damaged rims, and repairing the rims instead, typically saving 50% of current rim replacement cost, benefit your organization?


Could the savings be used for other important parts or services that your department needs, while providing good stewardship of your financial resources?

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