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What are common symptoms of a bent rim?


  • Steering wheel shake 

  • Car pulling to one side

  • Vibration felt at certain speeds

  • Abnormal tire wear

  • Unbalanceable wheel/ tire 

  • Air leak/ flat tires

  • Suspension component wear

  • Additional stress on wheel bearings/ hubs

  • Steering component damage

What causes a bent rim?


  • Impact damage from pothole

  • Low tire pressure

  • Speed bumps / curb impact

  • Road debris

  • Improper tire installation

What future problems occur if the rim is not repaired?

  • Rim will crack due to work hardening

  • Tires will not hold air because of crack

  • Rim will be unusable requiring costly replacement

  • Steering component wear

  • Possible loss of vehicle control

  • Replacement rim won’t cosmetically match existing rims 

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